R A S H A W N   D.   F L O U R N O Y



Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge are some of the words often used to describe Ra’Shawn Flournoy. He has inspired many around the nation. 

Ra'Shawn Flournoy grew up in a small country town called Spartanburg in South Carolina. Seeking bigger and better things, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, to become a pastor and start a church. He has been able to leverage his pioneering vision and instinct to serve others in areas extending beyond the church into the marketplace. He has been able to reach people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, nationalities, and creeds.

Falling on hard times to the point of being homeless, Flournoy developed a muti-million dollar credit repair and funding company called Flournoy Financial Group. One of eleven social enterprises that gives back to community. At his core, Ra'Shawn loves helping others. It's why he still serves as Senior Pastor of Movement Church Charlotte. As a visionary leader, Flournoy encourages you to think differently – and progressively – so that you can create a more meaningful life experience that is truly    your own.


Each year Flournoy helps underserved communities through their nonprofit Dream Center Charlotte, including homeless outreach, GED/literacy programs, and HIV/AIDS outreach. Flournoy's ability to leverage  strategic insights, and servant spirit is unparalleled. Flournoy has been featured in CNN, FOX News, CBS News, NBC News & Yahoo Finance. Some of the most successful business executives and pastors consults with him for new trending innovative approaches. In the future he plans to offers entrepreneurs, pastors, and leaders an opportunity to hone their leadership skills through his LeaderShift Conference. 

 As a devoted husband to Justin, Flournoy eagerly supports his spouse of more than 6 years. Justin has truly been a best friend, Co-Pastor and husband. Through fortunate and not-so-fortunate times, Justin and Ra'Shawn support each other every step of the way.  Justin and Ra'Shawn have managed every business opportunity from salons, haircare products, transportation services, property management, event & co-working space. Together, they love giving back to the community and has provided mini grants to nonprofits with Flournoy Enterprise LLC. 


R A S H A W N   D.   F L O U R N O Y


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